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Bojingles has been built around the creative abilities of a few people, and central to our success
has been one man who has sadly departed before his time, in March 2014.

Jeremy Burring

Jeremy Burring R.I.P.

Ever since he joined the small band at Bojingles at the beginning of 2007, there have been a lot of people who have Googled Jeremy's name and found the website, because his reputation went before him and he always excelled at what he did.

It is not widely known that he was a child actor and most notably appeared in a major TV series adaptation of Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1968) as Arthur, opposite no less a presence than Alec Guinness, who asked Jeremy to join him in a subsequent 1970-71 stage production of A Voyage round My Father by John Mortimer. But Jeremy didn't see himself as a leading man (or so he told me over a beer much later), and withdrew from stage and screen.

He went to work for Rediffusion Music and trained as a sound engineer. I met him there in 1990 and I could see that he had underused talents, and he became the Technical Manager for Audio-Ad, the growing instore advertisement business that we were building. As Rediffusion was acquired successively by other companies, he remained at the helm, being justly promoted to Content Manager of Creative Production, always appreciated for the sterling work that he did.

Jeremy, and Sheila, eventually retired from the company (by then named DMX) in 2004 and he turned his hand to music composition and independent production, and his voice to voiceover work. I was recommended by fellow-Rediffusion Music colleague Peter Standley to contact Jeremy again and I was delighted to reconnect with him. Since then he has produced the bulk of the Bojingles radio commercials (in between his print finishing factory stints), written and played on many a jingle and advertisement, voiced a fair number, and edited some videos. Examples of his top-notch creativity can be heard on this site.

When he fell ill he bore the news with characteristic stoicism, and he was bravely and wryly downplaying his illness to the last. We miss him terribly, as do all the others who knew him.

Chris Ring


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